Friday, May 1, 2009

Adventure Site 6: Pirate's Keep

Pirate's Keep, ocean side fortress. Built atop limestone cliffs with water cave entrances. Defended by both man and nature.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adventure Site 5: Cultists of Chaos

Cultist bring an artifact of Chaos to the sewers. Now it is warping the surrounding area. Making Abominations. Bringing Fear!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Adventure Site 4: Monster Spire

A pinnacle of rock in a blasted wasteland. The rock is actually an ancient wizards tower still occupied by his abominations.

Adventure Site 3: Sunken Swamp

Lake formed where an old cedar swamp sank. Tall underwater trees and dark sludge bottom. Concealing an aquatic troll lair.

Adventure Site 2: Monastery Malevolous

Monastery controlled by an evil spirit that has convinced the local Bugbears they are reincarnated defenders of the church.

Adventure Site 1: Flying Keep

Flying Keep. Kept aloft by jets produced by a Fire Elemental straining constantly to prevent a rock from crushing him.

What is this?!?!

This is my repository for adventure sites. Everyday I'm going to use twitter to post a new adventure site limiting myself to only 125 characters @mmaranda.

Then once a week I'll take the best site and write it up in more detail. While I will attempt to keep them game system independent my roots are in D&D. I still have a game night playing AD&D but most of the games I run are in 4th Ed so don't be too shocked if terms or ideas from that edition leak in especially in the full site descriptions.