Thursday, August 27, 2009

The thing I am missing most from 4th Ed.

As I've said in previous posts I am not married to a system. However, I am currently playing 4th Edition as my primary fix for D&D. This edition is fine for my needs and I don't expect that statement to cause any of my fine mostly imaginary readers to flame that statement. 

However there is one thing I am missing most in 4th. Ed and that is random magic item distribution. The tone the core books and the designers have set is that what the PCs find should be tailored to them. A battle Cleric should find useful holy symbols that make him feel like a big strong damage dealing cleric, not a wimpy cleric that is preoccupied with keeping his allies fully healed. The fighter specializing in hammers should find hammers in the dragon's trove not swords.

While that is all well and good and I feel some customization is nice on the DMs part. If the PCs want to ensure they get magic items of type FOO then they should be researching where such items were last seen in circulation and questing to get them. The rest of the time if you just happen on a band of Orcs that have been hitting local caravans any magic items they have should be randomly determined. Proficiency in weapons is much more liberal than it was in several of the earlier editions and wondrous items while still useful provide far less bang for their level when compared to the big slot items. Plus having scads of items that aren't useful until just the right time (which the DM has forgotten he even awarded you) is one of the best moments the game can muster.

While I'm sure I will never see a random loot generator come out of WotC and the DDi initiative I may eventually make some charts or convert my older editions charts for use in this edition. If you feel differently from me or have any good resources let me know in the comments.

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